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Law School Faculty

Members of the New England Law faculty bring to the classroom and to the field top-tier academic credentials, years of hard-won victories, influential research, and a proven ability to communicate their legal expertise and enthusiasm. They are as deeply committed to students’ personal development and career success as they are to innovative scholarship and professional leadership.


Featured faculty

Hon. Barbara Dortch-Okara:  I was privileged as a judge to see the full spectrum of humanity’s potential, and I emphasize to students the need to drop preconceived notions when they analyze a case.

  • B.A. Brandeis University
  • J.D. Boston College Law School


Allison M. Dussias, Professor of Law American Indian Law explores the depth of our commitment to keeping promises and respecting cultural diversity, which is increasingly important given our intertwined and interconnected world.

  • A.B. Georgetown University
  • J.D. University of Michigan Law School


Judith G. Greenberg, Associate Dean and Professor of Law I enjoy helping first-year Torts students discover what the study of law really is:  a more transformative intellectual journey than many had previously imagined.

  • B.A. Cornell University
  • J.D. University of Wisconsin Law School
  • LL.M. Harvard Law School


Victor Hansen, Professor of Law:  Military and civilian law are distinct legal entities, and both are strengthened when we view them as subsets of our overarching Rule of Law system.

  • B.A. Brigham Young University
  • J.D. Lewis and Clark Law School
  • LL.M. The Judge Advocate General's School

David M. Siegel, Director of the Center for Law and Social Responsibilty and Professor of Law:  A much more punitive criminal justice system in the 1990s produced more prosecutions and incarcerations – and more mistakes and inequity.  Addressing these consequences is the system's task for the next few decades.

  • B.A. University of Chicago
  • J.D. University of Chicago Law School

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