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Anna E. Hirsch

Portia Law School, 1928

1908 Anna Hirsch

Anna E. Hirsch being sworn in as Registrar of Probate by Governor Christian Herter, 1954. Courtesy of The Boston Public Library, Print Department

During her high school years, Anna Hirsch worked part time as an Assistant Registrar of Probate, where developed her love of the law. In 1928 she graduated from Portia Law School, and like her school, began a career of “firsts.” In 1954, Hirsch became the first woman elected as Registrar of Probate in Norfolk County, and only the second woman elected to countywide office in Massachusetts. In 1966, Hirsch joined Portia’s Board of Trustees, and in 1983 she was elected President of the law school, the first alumnus and first woman chosen for this office.

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