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Lawyers who specialize in the growing field of intellectual property law focus on the overlap of technology and the law, from cutting-edge technological breakthroughs, to creative products, including music, movies, and authors’ works. View our course offerings and learn how you can become an intellectual property lawyer.

Intellectual Property Law schools like New England Law offer students the option of concentrating in this growing field and working at top IP law firms.
“I appreciate that New England Law is serious about the study of IP law and offers an IP concentration.” —Serge Subach, Graduate, an associate in Mintz Levins intellectual property practice

Intellectual Property Law students at New England Law benefit from our comprehensive selection of intellectual property courses and on-the-ground IP field placements through the Business and IP Law clinic.

Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, a student receiving the Intellectual Property Law concentration transcript designation will:

  1. Demonstrate core knowledge sufficient for entry into one or more areas of the intellectual property legal profession.          
  2. Be able to engage in legal research and analysis, apply law to resolve problems, and effectively communicate both orally and in writing.
  3. Understand professional and ethical responsibilities to clients and the intellectual property system, including an appreciation for the power of the law and legal professionals to affect the lives and well-being of individuals and communities.
  4. Gain other professional skills:
  • Understand the roles of the intellectual property lawyer in various contexts, such as dispute resolution, clearance searching, intellectual property acquisition, litigation, planning, and transactional work
  • Possess foundational lawyering skills, related to each student’s professional goals and interests.
  • Be able to engage in self-regulated learning as a member of the legal profession

Graduate Profile: Serge Subach

Graduate Serge Subach credits his New England Law | Boston professors and the law school’s unique Summer Fellowship Program for helping him to land a job with the IP Litigation Group at Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. “The fellowship got my foot in the door,” he says, “and Professor Jordan Singer’s Patent Litigation class kept it there.

“Professor Singer’s class was spot-on in preparing me for the experiences I had during the fellowship at Mintz,” says Subach. “Patent litigation takes a long time, but his class was like a concentrated simulation of one, so when I saw certain documents on the job, I knew what they were and what to do.”

Subach was asked to stay on as an intern at Mintz Levin during his final year at New England Law, and was extended an offer after graduation, which he accepted. He is currently an IP litigator with a focus on International Trade Commission litigation, inter partes review (IPR) practice, and district court litigation, primarily in the high-tech and automotive fields. 

Director: Peter J. Karol

Associate Professor Peter J. Karol is the director of the Intellectual Property Law concentration. He is a former law firm partner specializing in IP litigation and appeals, and in trademark and copyright portfolio licensing and development. He writes on intellectual property matters, including patent, trademark, and copyright law.

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Peter J. Karol
Peter J. Karol

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