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New England Law | Boston students benefit from our rigorous law school academics, close-knit law community, and exposure to real-world practical legal skills. Our full-time and part-time divisions allow you to set the pace when it comes to studying law.

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Rachel C. Thomas studies law at New England Law | Boston
Classes were great, and the professors were so helpful. I definitely made the right choice for law school.” Rachel C. Thomas, Graduate

Concentrations in Immigration Law and Intellectual Property Law

If you are interested in studying the growing fields of immigration law and intellectual property (IP) law, New England Law’s concentrations provide opportunities for in-depth study and practical application.

Consider Our Concentrations

Vanessa de Lazo studied immigration law
My immigration work at New England Law has really helped in my career development.” Vanessa Woodman de Lazo, Graduate


Strengthen your background in specific legal fields through Pathways to the Profession of Law™, an online program that recommends courses based on your interest in a legal field.

Explore Pathways to the Profession

Law courses based on your legal field interests
Our Pathways program helps you chart a direct course from the classroom to your chosen profession.


To provide you with a solid grounding in the law, New England Law’s programs combine challenging courses with frequent opportunities for hands-on learning and professional development.

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Our selection of more than 100 electives allows you to explore different areas of legal academia.

Distinguished Law Faculty

Teaching is the top priority for New England Law faculty, who dedicate themselves to sharing their knowledge and making sure you can apply legal academics beyond the classroom.

Meet Our Faculty

I’ve never seen a group of faculty who are more committed to the success of their students than here at New England Law.” Judith G. Greenberg, Associate Dean and Professor of Law