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Annual Tuition (2016–2017)

Full-Time Program:

  • 12–15 credits: $46,974
  • Cost per additional credit: $1,960
Part-Time Program:
  • 8–12 credits: $35,250
  • Cost per additional credit: $1,960
Special Part-Time Program for parents with child-care responsibilities:
  • 13–15 credits: $46,974 ($22,803 per semester)
  • 8–12 credits: $35,250 ($17,102 per semester)
  • 7 credits or fewer: $1,960 per credit

New England Law | Boston tuition and fees are payable in full by August for the fall semester and by December for the spring semester. The Student Bar Association fee is $80 per year.

The state-mandated student health insurance is $2,332 for the 2016–2017 year. All students carrying at least 75 percent of the course load for full-time students are required to be covered by health insurance, in accordance with Massachusetts state law. Students who show proof of coverage through a qualifying plan will have the insurance fee waived.

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