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New England Law At-a-Glance

Fall 2014 Matriculants At-a-Glance

LSAT/UGPA percentiles were calculated by the Law School Admission Council based on matriculant lists provided by New England Law | Boston to the ABA.

Law School Admission Statistics

JD Applicants/Enrollment Statistics
Completed Applications 1807  
Enrolled First Year Students: 265
States Represented:  32
Countries Represented: 7
     Undergraduate Schools Represented:       


Minority Percentage: 28%
Student/Faculty Ratio:


LSAT and GPA Data



                     75th Percentile:                     152 3.43 
Median:   150 3.14 
 25th Percentile:  146 2.85


Full-Time Matriculants

  Completed Applications:  1539
           Enrolled Students/Class Size:               207
Average Age:  25
Age Range: 20-51  
Women: 49%
Out-of-State Percentage: 71%


Part-Time Matriculants

  Completed Applications:  268
           Enrolled Students/Class Size:               58
Average Age:  28
Age Range: 22-51  
Women: 47%
Out-of-State Percentage: 33%


ABA Standard 509 Information Report (Fall 2014)


Entry to New England Law | Boston is competitive and we turn down many applicants. Our procedure for evaluating law school admissions criteria results in acceptance or denial of an applicant only after careful consideration of several factors. Qualifications are assessed by the Admissions Committee, which includes faculty and members of the Office of Admissions.

July 2014 Massachusetts Bar Passage Rate

Employment Statistics

Law School Tuition (2015-2016)

Day students (full-time program)

Evening students (part-time program)
Special Part-Time Program students:

If a student in the final semester of school must take an additional credit beyond the division maximum in order to meet graduation requirements, the Office of Student Services will determine the charge on a case by case basis depending on the student’s previous semesters’ credit loads. 



Degrees Granted

Divisions Offered

Financial Aid (financial aid is awarded by the law school on an annual basis)

Academic Centers

Scholarly Journals

Clinical Programs and Externships

Advocacy Teams

Student Organizations

New England Law is home to dozens of student organizations.

Special Programs

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