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Common Questions with Work-Study

Filling out your timesheet:
  • Students cannot work more than eight hours in a day and no more than 20 hrs/week (no more than 10 hrs/week for 1Ls) during the academic year; no more than 40 hrs/ week during the summer (this includes those working more than one work study job). If you work six or more hours in a day, you must take a half hour unpaid break, which must be noted on your timesheet. If we do not see a half hour break indicated, we will reduce your hours. 
  • Please report your hours in increments, down to the quarter hour. 
  • Do not combine pay periods or jobs on the same timesheet; you must submit a separate timesheet for each of your jobs (signed by your employer) and for each pay period. Please follow the schedule pay period dates. The complete work-study schedule is available online.
  • Students are not paid for holidays, unless you worked on those days. 

Receiving your paycheck:
  • Paychecks will be available in the Office of the Controller, 46 Church Street, second floor.
  • If you would like your paycheck mailed to you, indicate so on the top of your timesheet, along with the correct address. 
  • Paychecks will not be released until noon on the pay date.