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New England Law | Boston Tuition and Fees

New England Law | Boston tuition and fees are payable in full in advance of each semester (i.e. by August for the fall semester and by December for the spring semester).

Students can access Tuition Invoices on NECIN.

Law School Tuition (2016–2017)

Day students (full-time program)

Evening students (part-time program)
Special Part-Time Program students:

If a student in the final semester of school must take an additional credit beyond the division maximum in order to meet graduation requirements, the Office of Student Services will determine the charge on a case-by-case basis depending on the student’s previous semesters’ credit loads.

SBA Fee: $80 (annual charge)

Paying Tuition

Instructions on Paying Tuition

Managing law school cost

New England Law | Boston’s financial aid program is proud to offer generous merit-based aid, which can help reduce the average cost of law school and, for qualified applicants, make it more affordable.  Law school study can also be financed in part by means of law school grants and scholarshipsoutside grants and scholarships, employment (work-study program), and loans

Additional fees/special circumstances

The following fees and costs of law school may be charged to a student’s account when appropriate. Details are available with registration materials.

State mandated Student Health Insurance

All students carrying at least 75 percent of the course load for full-time students are required to be covered by health insurance, in accordance with Massachusetts state law. The cost for law school students of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Health plan in 2016–2017 is $2,332 for 12 months of coverage. Students who show proof of coverage through a comparable plan will have the insurance fee waived. If waiving the school's plan, you will also need to complete a waiver, which will be available in July 2016. You can find a summary of benefits here or you can contact a representative at University Health Plans at 1-800-437-6448.

Transfer of credits earned at another law school

A student who begins his or her legal studies at New England Law | Boston may transfer a maximum of six credits earned at another law school toward a New England Law | Boston degree. The credits may not be for required courses, and the written approval of the associate dean must be obtained in advance. There is no fee charged for this transfer, and the transferred credits do not affect the student’s tuition charges, which are based on the entire course of study required for a degree.

Nonpayment penalties

Students who are delinquent in making payments to New England Law are subject to exclusion from classes or dismissal from school. Matriculation is conditioned on full payment of law school obligations and is subject to cancellation at any time for nonpayment.

A student may not be permitted to take a final examination if he or she is financially delinquent on the day the examination is scheduled. Transcripts or other certification of a student's status will not be issued for a student whose law school account is in arrears. New England Law will assess interest on delinquent balances.

Payment of tuition and fees

Tuition and fees are payable in full in advance of each semester (for example, in August for the fall semester and in December for the spring semester). For those students or parents who wish to pay on a deferred payment basis, the law school offers an interest-free installment plan through TuitionSelect. This service enables payments to be made over several months. Fees apply*. For further information, contact the Office of Student Accounts at 617-422-7302.

TuitionSelect FAQ

TuitionSelect Fees*


Chargeback Fee to Payer

Check Sent to ECSI


Instant eCheck by Phone


Scheduled Recurring ACH by Phone (1st, 10th, 15th, 20th of the month)


Instant eCheck Online


Scheduled Recurring ACH Online (1st, 10th, 15th, 20th of the month)


Scheduled One-Time ACH Online (1st, 10th, 15th, 20th of the month)


Voluntary withdrawal

A student who chooses to withdraw from law school but wishes to retain the option of readmission must submit a written request to the dean for withdrawal without prejudice. The approval of this request is determined by the student’s academic standing and the status of his or her account with Student Accounts in the Office of the Controller. The Student Handbook of Rules and Regulations details academic requirements relating to withdrawal and information on readmission procedures.

Information on voluntary withdrawal is on the Voluntary Withdrawal page.

Refund checks

Refund checks are issued to students who have overpaid tuition and law school fees. These checks are not available to students until after the first day of class for each semester of overpayment. Refund calculations for students who are receiving Title IV federal aid (Federal Stafford or Perkins Loans) are determined in accordance with federal regulations. 

Law school application fees

This information is outlined on the Application Process page.