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Mentorship Program

At New England Law | Boston, we understand the challenges students face as they transition into law school. To help ease this adjustment first-year students may enroll in the mentorship program, which provides incoming students with the support and guidance needed to succeed in their new environment.

Each year, returning New England Law students volunteer to assist and mentor first-year students. To ensure a smooth transition for incoming students, mentors contact their mentees prior to the first day of orientation.

Beginning in June, incoming students receive the Mentorship Program Welcome Letter in the mail from the Student Bar Association president. The information provided on the form is used solely to best match mentor and mentee.

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Quick Tips for 1Ls

The Student Ambassadors at New England Law | Boston assist as mentors of incoming students.  Over the past few years they have come up with a list of common questions and things that they feel incoming students would benefit from knowing before school starts.  They have put together a packet to go over some of those items. 

Student Ambassador Tips