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Law School Enrollment Requirements

First-Year Registration and Tuition Information
Registration Form
Undergraduate Transcript Requirements
Massachusetts State Immunization Requirements
Notification of Section Assignment and Class Schedule
Student Identification Cards
Address Changes

First-Year Registration and Tuition Information

The packet located below contains the 2016 Fall registration materials for year-one enrollment. You can also find select school policies, academic calendar for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, and tuition and financial aid information.  
You are responsible for reading all this information carefully.

Fall 2016 First Year Information Packet

Registration Form

As a first-year student at New England Law | Boston, you are pre-assigned to certain required classes and class selections. Although you are pre-registered, you will still be required to complete and submit a registration form. This registration form serves as the formal notification that you will be attending classes.

Get the registration form here. You must return the form no later than July 6, 2016.

You will receive an e-mail in mid-June with details about registration and tuition information.  If you have not received this e-mail, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Undergraduate Transcript Requirements

All incoming students must have earned a baccalaureate degree from an accredited U.S. institution or an equivalent degree from a foreign institution. The American Bar Association (ABA) requires that every student have an official transcript on file that shows the receipt of a baccalaureate degree.

Please have your undergraduate school send an official copy of your undergraduate transcript to LSAC as soon as possible after you have fulfilled your degree requirements.

On or before August 1, 2016, we must receive a new CAS report with your final transcript that shows:

  1. The degree you received
  2. The date it was conferred

Please note: You must immediately update the Office of Admissions if the expected degree or degree date listed on your admissions application has changed for any reason. (Back to top.)

Massachusetts State Immunization Requirements

All incoming New England Law | Boston students must provide certification of certain immunizations by August 1, 2016. Please send all required documents to:

New England Law | Boston
Office of Admissions
154 Stuart St.
Boston, MA 02116

Full-time students must provide certification of certain immunizations as a condition of registration per Massachusetts state law.

International students (full time or part time) attending an institution of higher education in Massachusetts while on a student (F-1) or other visa (including a student attending or visiting classes or programs as part of a formal academic visitation or exchange program) must also submit the immunization form.

Please contact your physician or your undergraduate health center to obtain this certification. It must:

  • Be a form or letter signed and dated by the physician or designee.
  • Specify the month and year of administration for each required immunization.
The following immunizations are required:
  • One Td booster (tetanus and diphtheria) within the last 10 years
  • Two doses of MMR vaccine (or two doses of a measles-containing vaccine and one dose each of mumps and rubella vaccines)
  • Three doses of hepatitis B vaccine

An immunization certificate is not required if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The student is enrolled in a part-time program (evening, day part-time or special part-time). International students (on F-1 and other visas), whether full-time or part-time, must still submit an immunization form.
  2. The student presents a written statement from a physician who has examined the student, stating the physician’s opinion that the immunizations would endanger the student’s health.
  3. The student states in writing that the required immunizations would conflict with the student’s religious beliefs. An accompanying letter from the student’s minister or spiritual leader will also be required in these instances.
  4. The student provides appropriate documentation, including a copy of a school immunization record, indicating receipt of the required immunizations.
  5. In the case of measles, mumps, or rubella, the student presents laboratory evidence of immunity. (Back to top.)

Notification of Section Assignment and Class Schedule

A course schedule will be mailed to each first-year student in early August. This schedule will indicate which section you have been assigned to: D-01, D-02 or E-01.

First-year day students are randomly assigned to either Section D-01 or D-02, and evening division students are assigned to Section E-01. Please note: Requests for specific section assignments will NOT be granted.

The Legal Research & Writing sections will be assigned during orientation. (Back to top.)

Student Identification Cards

Student identification cards are required for each student enrolled at New England Law. The card includes your photograph, identification number, and name. You must present the ID card when using the facilities of the law library. Photos for ID cards are taken at orientation week.  (Back to top.)

Address Changes

It is very important to notify New England Law of any change in address so that you do not miss important mailings (e.g. registration and tuition due dates, and orientation and course schedules). A change-of-address form was included with your acceptance materials. You can also submit a change of address online(Back to top.)


Please contact the Office of Admissions for additional information concerning law school enrollment requirements.