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Is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Still Relevant?

Center for Business Law Spring 2014 Conference

(Boston, Revised- 2/28/14) New England Law | Boston:  Experts in real estate financing and payment laws were among the featured panelists at the Center for Business Law’s spring 2014 conference, “Is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Still Relevant?”  The event took place on Thursday, February 27, in New England Law | Boston’s Cherry Room.
CBLSpring14Conference poster
“We considered promissory notes, mortgages, payment systems, foreclosures, and other muddled and edgy issues,” said Professor Gary Monserud, director of the center’s Commercial Law Institute. The event was cosponsored by the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest.
Full information is available on the conference webpage,

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