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The Corporate Governance and Ethics Institute

Directed by Professor Susan R. Finneran

Professor Finneran's focus is corporate governance and ethics. She has chaired the Massachusetts Bar Association's Business Law Section Council. "In general, the concepts in business law are intellectually challenging," she says. "But I am particularly interested in examining social justice issues and the responsibilities of companies, both large and small, that have reaped so many benefits from our system."

  • Headed by Professor Susan Finneran, the recent emphasis of this institute has been on issues of social justice and the responsibilities of companies within a system that has enabled them to prosper at the expense of some individuals and populations.
  • Institute projects include an examination of the increasing use of criminal law to prosecute corporate entities and a study of the effectiveness of a recent Chicago slavery reparations ordinance.
  • A former chair of the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Business Law Section Council, Finneran is an expert on many aspects of corporate governance and business ethics, including financial regulation and insider trading.
  • The institute's work has included a comparison of corporate governance in the Gilded Age (robber barons such as Rockefeller and Vanderbilt) and the Modern Age (corporate scandals such as Enron, Tyco, and WorldCom).
  • Institute activities have included participation by faculty and student research assistants in drafting the revision of the Massachusetts Business Corporation Law as Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 156D with the Boston Bar Association/Massachusetts Bar Association Task Force (took effect in July 2004).
  • An institute project is examining local government regulations that require that investment banking firms wishing to underwrite municipal bonds either establish that they were not founded with proceeds of slavery or fund a scholarship or other form of reparation.