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Human Rights Council Project

Professor John Cerone, director of the Center for International Law and Policy, joined the first U.S. delegation to the UN Human Rights Council as special advisor on international human rights institutions.  The United States was elected to the council in May 2009 and participated for the first time as a member during the September 2009 session.  Students working for the Center have helped prepare issue briefs related to the work of the delegation.

In late 2011 Professor Cerone participated in meetings of international law experts jointly convened by the Atlantic Council and Chatham House (the UK’s Royal Institute of International Affairs) in Washington, D.C.  In October he spoke on the issue of engaging the rising powers, such as South Africa, Brazil, China, Russia, the Organization of Islamic Conference members, and others, in the context of the UN Human Rights Council.
In December 2011 Professor Cerone participated in further “Transatlantic Dialogues” on this issue, again presented by the Atlantic Council and Chatham House. The sessions reviewed the role played by international law in the “Arab Spring,” among other topics, and were co-chaired by William H. Taft IV, formerly legal advisor to President George W. Bush, and Elizabeth Wilmshurst, formerly deputy legal advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair. Harold Koh, legal advisor to the U.S. Department of State, spoke on “Transatlantic Challenges in International Law.”