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10/5/08 International and Comparative Law Aspects of Child Sex Tourism

(Boston, 11/13/09) New England Law | Boston: Dr. Julian Hermida, assistant professor,  Department of Law and Politics, Algoma University, Canada, discussed  the "International and Comparative Law Aspects of Child Sex Tourism."

Dr. Hermida obtained his law degree in Argentina, followed by a Ph.D. in Law and Social Sciences, and a Ph.D. and a LLM in law at McGill University, Canada. Dr. Hermida has taught law courses in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, and Argentina. Additionally, he has extensive research experience with a very strong publication record. Dr. Hermida has been a consultant for law firms, the Latvia Project on Criminal Justice in Canada, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Canada. As an assistant professor at Algoma University, he teaches and conducts research in Criminal Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice, International and Comparative Law, Business Law, and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Hermida’s talk  focused on international child sex tourism, and the legal measures developed in different countries to combat the sexual exploitation of children. 


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