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"We send people out into the world ready to practice law that advances socially responsible ends."

Professor David Siegel, co-director, Center for Law and Social Responsibility

Center for Law and Social Responsibility

Welcome to the CLSR!

Center for Law and Social Responsibility Fellow, Kevin CraneHello, welcome to our website. I'm Kevin Crane, the 2013-2014 Fellow to the Center for Law & Social Responsibility. The CLSR sponsors pro bono and public service activities through which faculty, students and alumni support socially responsible goals. I'm happy to serve as an advisor to law students interested in public service opportuities and to provide administrative support for all of the CLSR Faculty's projects. If you have any questions about the CLSR's projects, programs, or opportunities, please do not hesitate to call my office at 617-422-7434 or email me at

If you'd like to read more about the CLSR's pro bono and public service projects, you can use the menu on the left of your screen to navigate through our wide array of experiental opportunities and learn about our history, our personnel, and other programs. Also, please subscribe to our weblog and ask to join our Linkedin page for news, upcoming events, job postings, and more. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to working with you!

About the Fellow

Kevin discussing wetlands protection with Commissioner Nancy Girard
Kevin discussing wetlands protection with Commissioner Nancy Girard

Kevin Crane, a 2013 graduate is a member of the Massachusetts Bar and a rising environmental attorney. Kevin’s fellowship projects include working on behalf of the City of Boston’s Environment Department. At City Hall, Kevin provides legal counsel to Commissioner Nancy Girard on issues pertaining to climate change adaptation and mitigation, wetlands protection, and air pollution control.  Mr. Crane also developed a new legal news service for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Set to be launched as a new component of the Environmental Advocacy Project, students will research recent environmental cases and adjudicatory appeals and write summaries for environmental practiontioners who want to keep on top of recent changes in the law. 

Kevin Crane scuba diving off the coast of Key LargoKevin graduated from New England Law | Boston in May 2013. As a law student, Kevin was a law clerk at McGregor & Associates, was a summer legal intern at Alternatives for Community & Environment, and completed his environmental clinical placement at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Mr. Crane was also a Environmental Advocacy Project volunteer and served as president to the Environmental Law Society student organization.

While off duty, Kevin's love of being outdoors motivates his drive to become an accomplished environmental attorney. His favorite activities include scuba diving, hiking, canoeing, and nature photography.

Statement By Dean John F. O'Brien

The CLSR aids New England Law | Boston in keeping with this     mission to perform "public service and other work that furthers the interests of justice." All of us at the law school are very proud of the public-spiritedness of our faculty, alumni and students, and we applaud the important services that they provide the community.

For project descriptions click here.

2014 Summer Fellows Program

New England Law | Boston will once again sponsor its innovative Summer Fellows Program in 2014, building on the overwhelming success of the pilot program launched last summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply to the Summer Fellows Program?

A: Here are the steps you should be following to apply to the Summer Fellows Program:

STEP 1: Draft a cover letter and resume. For good examples of a legal resume and cover letter download the CSO Handbook from the Symplicity website by logging in here. 

STEP 2: Applicants MUST meet with a Career Services counselor to review and edit your cover letter and resume prior to applying. You can send your resume and cover letter for review to CSO will also have names of potential summer internship placements to help you begin your placement search. To make an appointment to speak with a CSO Counselor call 617-422-7229.

STEP 3: Begin your search for a placement. It helps to generate a list of contacts that could help you find a placement and a list of public interest organizations, state agencies, and/or court systems (for judicial clerkships) that interest you. Once you have a general idea of who you would like to work for, you can contact a CSO counselor or the CLSR Fellow for suggestions on how to apply for an internship.

STEP 4: Apply. While you are beginning your search for an internship, you should apply to the Summer Fellows Program. There is no hard deadline to apply –applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. However, applications are strongly encouraged to apply early. By early to mid-February, your application should be completed and submitted through Symplicity. You DO NOT need to wait until you have accepted a placement to apply. 

Q: How do I find the application form?

A: The form, including important application instructions, are located on Symplicity. Here are the steps to guide you to the job posting:

  1. Log into the Symplicity website by clicking here.
  2. Click the "Job Postings" menu at the top center
  3. Select "CSO Jobnet" 
  4. Search for "New England Law Boston" as an employer or search for the posting title "Public Interest Law Summer Fellowship“

Note: Applicants must download the form, fill all fields electronically, print the form, scan the hard copy as a pdf, and upload the pdf to the applicant’s documents on Symplicity. Once the applicant’s application, cover letter, resume, references, and transcript are uploaded to their Symplicity account, the applicant will be able to select each document through the "Apply" link on the job posting.

Q: Should I wait until I find a position and then apply with the CLSR or apply now and see if I can secure a position on my own?

A: No, you should not wait to secure a placement before applying to the program. If you secure a placement after you have submitted your application, email CLSR Fellow Kevin Crane at with your placement information. Include the name of the entity you are working for, the address, supervisor’s name, supervisor’s contact information, and whether or not the placement has an established internship program that includes training and supervision.

Q: Who should I send the application to?

A: Applications should be submitted through Symplicity. If you secure a placement after submitting your application, email CLSR Fellow Kevin Crane with the information described above.

Q: Do my references have to be connected with NESL?

A: No, your references are not required to be connected with NESL. An applicant should consider listing references that will speak to the applicant’s relevant professional skills and abilities and interest in public service.

Q: What are the next steps in the application process?

A: After submitting an application, students should diligently look for an internship placement on their own. After your application has been reviewed by the CSLR, selected applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Q: Will the stipend of $3,500 dollars affect what I may borrow for the year for my financial aid?

A: Applicants should consult with financial aid to address issues about how the stipend impacts their broader financial situation. 

Q: When do fellows receive their stipend?

A: Last year fellows received the first installment in the middle of the summer and the final installment after the beginning of the fall semester.

For more information about the CLSR Public Interest Law Summer Fellowship click here.