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Cathy Shim (Class of 2001)

Mental Health Law Project, MFY Legal Services, Inc. 299 Broadway, New York, NY 10007

After graduation, I obtained a job at the Mental Health Law Project, of MFY Legal Services, Inc, in New York City. Our office provides advocacy services and legal representation for mentally disabled low-income/indigent NYC residents in the general practice areas of housing; public assistance; social security benefits; Medicaid, etc.

My best training for this position occurred while I was at New England School of Law, where I took the Lawyering Process course. Through that clinical course, I worked for a semester at the law school's Clinical Law Office, where I represented indigent clients in civil cases in court. I gained experience both in terms of specific lawyering skills and in terms of what is involved in the representation of indigent clients. Also at New England, I took a second clinic, the Massachusetts Practice clinic, where I worked for a semester in the Suffolk Superior Court, as a legal extern for a Judge. In that clinic, I learned a great deal about being a lawyer, gaining valuable insight from the court's perspective regarding both effective and ineffective ways in which lawyers handle their cases in court.

(April 2002)