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Faculty Work and Related Resources of Professor Russell Engler

Unrepresented Litigants

Articles by Professor Russell Engler
Presentations by Professor Russell Engler
  • March, 2010—Keynote Speaker, MA Access to Justice Commission, Inaugural Meeting
  • October 2008, Speaker, Roadmap to Justice Project, Fall Symposium
  • June, 2008—Keynote Speaker, Tapping the Community Voice: Looking at Family Law Self-Help through an Access to Justice Lens, Toronto, Ontario
  • January, 2008—Speaker, Joint AALS Conference of Chief Justices Workshop on the Courts, Panel on Pressure Points in the Administration of Justice
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  • October, 2007—Speaker, New Hampshire Judges and Masters Systemwide Conference, Meeting the Challenges Presented by Pro Se Litigants
  • May, 2006—Speaker, Eastern Regional Conference, Access to Justice for the Self-Represented Litigants: Courts and Community-Based Strategies and Solutions Panel: Foundations: The Obligations and Benefits of Programs for the Self-Represented Conference Information and Resources:
  • November, 2005—Speaker, Massachusetts Housing Court Annual Conference Panel: Consumer Critique of Housing Court Mediation
  • May, 2005—Speaker and discussion facilitator, New England Legal Services Project Director's Meeting, Topic: Evaluating Housing Work, and case outcome
  • April, 2005—Speaker, Boston Bar Association's 2nd Annual State of the Courts Conference Panel: Discrete Task Representation
  • January, 2002—Panelist and Facilitator, AALS Annual Meeting, joint program of Clinical and Litigation Sections, Panels: Pro Se Litigation, Parts I & II: Where Do Law Schools Fit Into the Picture?
  • September, 2001—Speaker, New York State Access to Justice Conference, Panel: Self-Represented Litigants Are Here To Stay
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