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The Environmental Advocacy Project

The Environmental Advocacy Project brings together professors, students, and community activists to aid environmental causes through legal research, counseling, and representation.  While EAP projects vary as widely as the environmental interests of the professors and students who develop them, many focus on Boston’s urban environment, allowing students to have direct contact with the environmental interests they serve.

Professor Manus with a former student.

The EAP maintains connections with several Boston-based environmental  organizations and government offices and often collaborates with such organizations on projects.  A sampling of EAP projects follows.

In addition to its legal advocacy, the EAP regularly sponsors conferences, discussion groups, and other audience-inclusive events at the law school.  Examples include:

Students interested in environmental law and advocacy should consider enrolling in Environmental Advocacy, a seminar in which students collaborate with one another, their professor, and outside experts on projects addressing some of the latest issues in the environmental field.

EAP work product  (Manuals, Essays, Papers, Memoranda)