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Professor Caryn Mitchell-Munevar

Professor Caryn Mitchell-Munevar is a supervising attorney at New England Law | Boston's Clinical Law Office, the school's in-house clinic, where she supervises New England Law students representing indigent clients in civil cases. Professor Mitchell-Munevar volunteers at the Probate and Family Court's Lawyer-for-the-Day program, taking students with her to provide advice and assistance to litigants without counsel. Before joining New England Law, Professor Mitchell-Munevar was a staff attorney at Greater Boston Legal Services, where she began working as a NAPIL (National Association for Public Interest Law) Fellow for Equal Justice. Post fellowship, Professor Mitchell-Munevar continued working at Greater Boston Legal Services where she represented victims of domestic violence in the family law unit. Professor Mitchell-Munevar handles pro bono family law cases, and is a member of the Family Law Task Force a statewide coalition of legal services lawyers providing representation for indigent clients in the area of family law. Professor Mitchell-Munevar participates in community lawyering by working with local grass roots community service based organizations.  She also oversees the Charles Hamilton Houston Enrichment Program at New England Law.