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Database of Annotated Mass DEP Administrative Decisions (DADD)

This initiative provides our site visitors with access to recent developments in Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass DEP) administrative decisions and other developments in environmental law, with particular pertinence to a Massachusetts regulatory practice in an easy-to-use platform. We hope that users will find these free services a valuable resource through which they will remain current on the latest advances in Massachusetts environmental law.

The Database of Annotated Mass DEP Administrative Decisions contains summarized and annotated Mass DEP Office of Appeals and Dispute Resolution decisions in a database that is searchable by keyword or topic. All users may search the database to research topics or decisions of interest. Subscribers to the database’s listserve will have new decision summaries delivered to their inboxes.

The DADD Blog: Summaries of Recent Federal and State Environmental Law Cases

Contributors to the DADD Blog summarize recent federal and state court decisions pertinent to a Massachusetts regulatory practice. As with the Database of Annotated Mass DEP Administrative Decisions, all users may search the case summaries by keyword or topic. Subscribers to the RSS feed will have new submissions delivered to their inboxes.


2013-2014 Contributors
Kevin Crane, Founding Manager
Jessica Bardi
Andrew Capobianco
Kyle Gallagher
Michael Horan
Ty Kayam
Shiela Nevels
Daniel Peacock
Katherine Polis
John Reyes
Brian Ruppert
Cody Zane