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Student Volunteers Begin SVLN Summaries for 2009-2010 Academic Year

(Boston, Revised 11/13/10) New England Law | Boston: The Sexual Violence Legal News ("SVLN") is the online subscription service run by the Women and Children’s Advocacy Project of the CLSR and New England Law’s Women’s Law Caucus.  Overseen by Adjunct Professor Wendy Murphy, the service provides daily alert updates to its members about the latest changes in relevant law as a result of court decisions. 

Generally the topics covered involve issues of criminal law and procedure and evidence.  Specific issues addressed include the following: Brady Violations, Discovery, and Production of Third Party Material; Rape Shield; Mistake Defenses; Examinations of Victims; Marital Rape; Credibility of Minors and Suggestibility; Consent, Force, and Implied Force; Gender Card Strategies and Sexism as a Tactic; Jury Selection and Instructions; Rape and Incapacitation; Prior False Allegations; Rape of Prostitutes; Expert Witnesses and Testimony; Use and Misuse of DNA Evidence; Aggravated Rape; and Relevancy of Pornography to Mens Rea.

Second and third year students of New England Law work with Professor Murphy on this endeavor, screening and summarizing judicial decisions from all across the country.  The student volunteers for the 2009-2010 academic year are: Sabrina Andrews '11, Kristen Antolini '11, Caitlin Beatty '10, Evan Bell '11, Andrea Birdsell '10, Avada Douglas '11, Maggie Frye '10, Amy Lindenfelder '11, Cara Losapio '11, Kathy Schwartz '11, Annie Thomas '11, Emily Thomas ’11, and Marissa Varnadore '11.  Each student participant specializes in one to three of the above topics, summarizes the new court decisions, and provides an analysis on the meaning and impact of the decisions.  These summaries are then sent out to subscribers across the nation via email alerts, and are maintained online in a searchable database. 

To view this database or read more about SVLN, please click here.

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