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Student and Professor Attend Public Interest Retreat

(BOston Revised 04/26/10) New England Law | Boston: Over the weekend of February 26, 2010, Neil DePaul ’10 and Professor David Siegel traveled to the Sargent Center in Peterborough, NH, for the annual Robert M. Cover Public Interest Law Retreat.  On the words of DePaul, “It was an amazing opportunity to broaden my law school experience.”  Each year the retreat is held in late February with the goal of bringing together law practitioners, professors, and students from across the country who share a common passion for public interest law.  The location for the retreat is a serene setting, which allows participants to interact in a way that the traditional law school environment cannot provide.

DePaul was selected for sponsorship for the Cover Retreat, which he deems it as one of the highlights of his law school experience.  The Cover Retreat hosted workshops, panels, and speakers covering issues and topics in public interest law, as well as networking, socializing, and recreational opportunities.  This variety of programs allowed attendees to explore areas outside their own interests such as environmental law, labor law, and human trafficking.

The overall tone was informal, which fosters learning and collaboration.  DePaul concluded, “Interacting with practitioners and professors this way gave me a broader understanding of their experience and allowed me to make lasting contacts with those who are experts in their field.  Everyone participated freely and although there was clear expertise in the room great effort was made to solicit thoughts from all, which ultimately gave depth to the entire weekend.”

The CLSR intends to promote and support similar student opportunities in the future.  Please refer to the CLSR weblog for upcoming events and potential scholarships.   

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