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Volunteer with the CORI Initiative

The CORI Initiative: A project of the Center for Law and Social Responsibility

The CORI Initiative is an opportunity for New England Law students of all years to:

  • Aid Greater Boston’s indigent community
  • Complete real-life legal work
  • Develop client-communication skills
  • Enhance legal writing skills
  • Work in a team atmosphere
  • Work with public interest and criminal justice-focused peers
  • Contribute volunteer time towards a Public Service Notation on your transcript

As members of the CORI Initiative, we meet weekly on Friday afternoons starting at 2:00 PM in the St. James Ave. building.

At the weekly meetings, we maintain our client files by affidavit drafting, communicating with clients, and preparing the attendant documents for filing a petition to seal a CORI. There will also be regulation/ policy side-projects and opportunities to do intake at local courts during the year.

The Initiative is supervised by Professor David Siegel and managed by 3L Benjamin Y Jones.

Next Step:

If interested in participating in the project or for more information about the CORI Initiative, please contact

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