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Professor David Siegel appointed to SJC standing committee

(Boston 12/02/11) New England Law | Boston: Massachusetts government is “a government of laws, and not of men,” as famously articulated by John Adams, the drafter of the Commonwealth’s constitution. Still, human input is essential to the judicial system, and that includes regular review of the rules of criminal procedure to ensure their appropriateness and utility.

Professor David Siegel Professor David Siegel
Professor David Siegel, director of the Center for Law and Social Responsibility and its Criminal Justice Project, has been appointed to the Standing Advisory Committee on the Rules of Criminal Procedure, a committee of the Supreme Judicial Court that reports to the SJC’s Judicial Court Rules Committee.  Siegel joined a dozen fellow criminal procedure experts, mostly judges, who review referrals that come from the SJC and individual judges on a regular basis. 
“The committee deals with systemic issues concerning the operation of the criminal justice system,” says Professor Siegel.  “Topics range from narrow and technical items to much broader issues in the context of rules of criminal procedure.  For example, recent committee activities concern rules regarding reports of mental evaluations in criminal cases and the requirement for a defendant to personally appear at arraignment.” (Mental illness issues in the criminal justice system and criminal defense are among Professor Siegel’s areas of expertise.)
Siegel expects that his new assignment–a three-year term with the possibility of renewal–will enable him to provide further context for students regarding real-world problems in the operation of the criminal justice system. 

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