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4/10/09 LawMatters: Workplace Raids

Co-sponsored with the Center for Law and Social Responsibility and the National Lawyer’s Guild, New England Law | Boston’s Immigration Law Association

Workplace Raids: The Effect of Detention on the Family

The film Detained was shown.  This documentary includes accounts by the immigrant factory workers regarding what happened at the March 6, 2007, Bianco factory raid in New Bedford, MA

The screening was followed by a panel discussion on the effects of the New Bedford Raids on women, children, and family units


  • John Wilkshire-Carerra, Esq. – Greater Boston Legal Services
  • Nancy Kelly, Esq. – Greater Boston Legal Services
  • Dr. Alexandra Pineros Shields – Director of Immigrant Programs at the Irish Immigration Center of Boston, MA

Moderated by Professor Elizabeth Spahn


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