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JLP Volunteers Begin Work for 2009-2010 Academic Year

(Boston, 11/17/09) New England Law | Boston: Since 2005, the Judicial Language Project has identified language in judicial opinions that inappropriately implies that the victim of violence sought out the violence, participated willingly in it, or otherwise was in some way responsible for it.  Adjunct Professor Wendy Murphy, who initiated the program, encourages student volunteers to become more focused on social sciences. The goal is to distill studies on the impact of language on society and apply this knowledge to language used in judicial decisions.  In addition, three students will write articles that will be included in the Sexual Assault Report.

This year's student participants include Kristen Antolini '10, Evan Bell '10, Brittney Bennett '11, Elizabeth Berretta '11, Michelle Byers '12, Kristen Colburn '12, Avada Douglas '11, Ligee Gu '09, Beth Lloyd-Jones '12, Kendra OToole '10, Rebecca Sager '12, Kathryn Schwartz '11, Alexandra Seibert '11, Jennifer Smith '12, Elizabeth Stapleton '11, and Jessica Walsh  '10.

Students working on this project identify the objectionable language, state why it is objectionable, and propose more acceptable ways of saying the same thing. The overall goal of this project is to make the public and the judiciary aware of language that is demeaning or insulting to women, children, and other victims of violence. To learn more about the project, please click here.

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