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Students serve local immigrant community

(Boston Revised 09/27/11) New England Law | Boston: On Saturday, September 17, 2011, New England Law | Boston students celebrated “Citizenship Day” by helping persons seeking naturalization at the Irish International Immigrant Center. Students contributed their time and skills while gaining experience in a hands-on clinic.

Students participated in all aspects of the clinic, including registration, screening qualifying applicants, providing information about civics and English classes, and helping to fill out the complicated N-400 naturalization application.
The unofficial holiday marks the Constitutional Convention’s adoption of the U.S. Constitution, and the effort was organized by several local community organizations. New England Law students joined other volunteers in learning about the entire naturalization application process, including “red flags” to look out for and necessary documents. 
“Community members seeking help came from all corners of the world, spoke various languages, and seemed very excited about the efficiently organized process,” said Adelina Janiak ’12.  “Some were counseled to seek help from an immigration attorney, but those who successfully completed their applications left elated.
“Many commented that they couldn’t wait to become citizens, as America had become their home.” 
Participants included Liz Ahmadi ’12, Sara Elizabeth Burns ’14, Laura Donohue ’12, Jillian Foley ’12, Faith Foote ’12, Rina Gurung ’13, Adelina Janiak ’12, Astrid Paniagua ’12, Jincy Yohannan ’12, and Keffery Williams ’14. 
This type of volunteer work qualifies for the Transcript Notation Program. For more information about the program or public service opportunities generally, please contact CLSR Fellow Sarah Herbert ’11.


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