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UK solicitor discusses defending alleged terrorists

On February 22, the Federalist Society and the Center for Law and Social Responsibility (CLSR) co-sponsored Trial and Terror: How to Bring Suspected Terrorists to Justice.  The event focused on the pressing issue of whether to try suspected terrorists through the federal court system, by military commission, or in some alternate forum. 

Panelists included Professor Victor Hansen, who served nearly 20 years in the JAG Corps, with experience both as a military prosecutor and defense counsel; William Mitchell College of Law Professor Afsheen John Radsan, who served as CIA assistant general counsel after the September 11 terrorist attacks; and Julian Young, a United Kingdom solicitor with extensive criminal defense experience, including representing individuals suspected of terrorism.  The discussion was moderated by Professor Stanley Cox, who teaches Terrorism and Human Rights among other courses.

On February 24, the CLSR hosted Representing Alleged Terrorists: A Perspective from the United Kingdom.  Julian Young and Judy Ramjeet discussed the issues they face in their representation of individuals charged with terrorism .

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