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Tobacco Center Expands Scope to Vermont

(Boston, 5/16/12)  New England Law | Boston: With a $50,000 grant received from the State of Vermont, New England Law | Boston’s Center for Public Health and Tobacco Policy has expanded its scope beyond New York to include tobacco-control programs in Vermont. The new Vermont effort will be headed by staff attorney Whitney S. Dodds ’11.

Whitney Dodds '11 Whitney Dodds '11, staff attorney
“We are excited to work with the Vermont Department of Health over the coming year,” said Professor Micah L. Berman, the center’s director. “Vermont has been making steady progress in reducing tobacco use, and we hope our involvement will help to continue that trend.”
Dodds, who worked for the center as a law clerk while she was a student, was hired in January to work with Vermont’s 17 tobacco-control coalitions. “Whitney will be the go-to person for Vermont about policy and legal questions,” said Berman. Her primary role will be to assist with developing model ordinances to limit promotion of tobacco products–particularly those that are often targeted to young people at cash-register displays known as “power walls”–and potentially to expand on the state’s secondhand smoke laws to add restrictions at beaches, parks, and playgrounds.
The center, which opened in 2009 with a $2.5 million grant from the New York State Department of Health, has developed an impressive repository of tobacco-control information, available online. Topics include tobacco-free outdoor areas, taxation, smoke-free housing, retail promotion, non-cigarette tobacco products, and recent cases related to tobacco. These supplement detailed information on New York State and Vermont’s tobacco control laws. 

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