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Jenny Abbott (Class of 2010)

Day Division
Eager to make a difference in the lives of the poor, I dove head-first into Boston’s social service sector after finishing my graduate degree. It did not take me long to realize that Boston’s disenfranchised populations desperately needed consistent access to legal services; if I truly wanted to make a difference, I would need to serve as a conduit to the law. New England Law | Boston, with its emphasis on clinical pedagogy, offered my ideal education; three years later, I am certain I made the right decision in coming here.

In my time at New England I have been encouraged and supported in my attempts to step outside the classroom and learn in the field. I have served as an interview advocate and team leader at the Domestic Violence Institute (DVI) at Boston Medical Center, enjoyed clinical experiences at New England Law’s own Church Street Clinic and Center for Law and Social Responsibility, and benefited from internships at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) and Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS). In these roles I have had the privilege of representing indigent clients at all stages of litigation while simultaneously benefiting from the expertise of some of Boston’s greatest public interest attorneys.

New England Law | Boston has assisted me in securing these opportunities and has ensured that I reap the benefits of my experiences. I received credit through the clinical courses for four of the internships: the work at the school’s in-house clinic in the Church Street building, the work at MLRI and GBLS, and a portion of the work at DVI. I earned the school’s Transcript Notation, reading “Public Service Honor Roll,” for the portion of my volunteer work at DVI.

The professors have consistently been supportive and informative, and the school’s wonderful organizations have provided me with financial support in the form of grants and scholarships. I am truly grateful for my experience at New England Law | Boston; I am certain that I will be a better public interest attorney for having gone here.

(April 2010)