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Jessica Quincosa (Class of 2003)

Day Division

Throughout my time at New England, I have found opportunities to perform public interest work. Through the clinical courses, I have gained invaluable legal experience and developed an expertise in Family Law and Domestic Violence. In my second year, I enrolled in the Domestic Violence clinic and worked at the Community Legal Services & Counseling Center in Cambridge. The office focuses on the effects of violence and poverty, and the use of legal means to combat such violence. I worked closely with one of the most experienced lawyers in the field, helping him on many aspects of his caseload.

In my third year of law school, I enrolled in the school's Public Interest Law Seminar and Clinic. The seminar portion allowed me explore a wide range of issues in Public Interest Law. The clinic portion allowed me to pursue my family law training, since I worked at the school's in-house clinic, the Clinical Law Office (CLO). I handled family law cases under the supervision of Professor Oro, a Clinical Professor who also teaches Family Law. As with my placement in the Domestic Violence clinic, I was certified under the student practice rule, S.J.C. Rule 3:03, and was authorized to appear in court as a student attorney. In my final semester, I am taking a third clinic, the Family Law Clinic. Based on my background, and with the assistance of the clinical faculty, I was able to obtain a position inside the Probate and Family Court, which is providing me with a new perspective on family law.

Finally, I have pursued public interest work outside the clinics. For example, in the summer of 2002, after my second year of law school, I volunteered as a legal intern at FINEX House, a shelter for battered women. I have continued to work as both the Legal Advocate and a Direct Services advocate, helping women on a broad range of issues, including identifying additional social and legal resources for them. I have also served as chair of the New England School of Law Branch of the ACLU, one of the school's newest, but most active, public interest organizations.

(May 2003)