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Student Profiles

New England Law | Boston students perform public service work through clinical courses, student groups, and employment, both paid and volunteer.

Students may obtain transcript recognition for approved public service legal work through the Public Service Transcript Notation Program.

Sarah Nelson (Class of 2002)

Day Division

I entered New England School of Law knowing that I wanted to work with the homeless and focus on Civil Rights. From the very beginning, as a 1L, I became active, and stayed active throughout law school, with PILA [Public Interest Law Association] and Shelter Legal Services (a program where law students provide legal assistance to the homeless community). Along with these extracurricular activities I had ample opportunities to take classes, such as Civil Rights and Government Lawyer, where I was able to have a more in-depth look into my areas of interest.

Along with finding classes and activities that centered around public interest, I was able to find incredible work experience where I could focused on Civil Rights. My first summer legal position was with Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). This position was unpaid, but I received a PILA grant which helped me survive financially over the summer. During my second year I worked at the Attorney General's Civil Right's Division through the Government Lawyer Clinic. That summer, I worked as a Student Attorney (3:03 certified) at the school's Clinical Law Office where I practiced Family Law, representing indigent clients in Probate and Family Court. Through all of these experiences I learned how to apply the law, but more importantly, I was able to work in areas that interested me.

March 2002