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Other 2005 Students:

Joee Marie Lindbeck (Class of 2005)

Day Division

"It is not enough to understand, or to see clearly. The future will be shaped in the arena of human activity, by those willing to commit their minds and their bodies to the task." — Robert Kennedy

I have always felt that the most noble and fulfilling career is one of public service. I was not always sure where that belief would lead me. However, it has always led me to inspiring and exciting opportunities. My experience at New England School of Law has been no different. It has been the most enlightening academic experience of my life.

My three years at New England provided me with many diverse opportunities in public service. During my First year, I took the mandatory 1L classes and tried to focus primarily on my studies. The summer after my First year, I interned for the Rhode Island Department of the Attorney General for the Chief of the Environmental Unit where I worked on several Superior and Supreme Court cases.

My second year at New England was an influential year in my legal education. I became a Student Bar Association (SBA) Representative for the Class of 2005. Additionally, I participated in New England's intramural mock trial competition. I also enrolled in the Lawyering Process Clinic where I worked as an SJC Rule 3:03 student attorney in the New England School of Law Clinical Law Office. The Clinical Law Office provides legal services to indigent clients in civil cases. The Lawyering Process not only gave me important training in lawyering skills and ethics, but also broadened my view of Public Interest Law. My Criminal Procedure class, which I also took in my second year, heightened my interest in Constitutional and Criminal Law.

At the end of my Second year I was awarded a Public Interest Law Association (PILA) grant for the summer of 2004, which allowed me to work at the Massachusetts Division of the Professional Licensure (DPL) and again at the Rhode Island Department of the Attorney General (RIAG). At the DPL, I was an intern in the Prosecution Unit and assisted attorneys in prosecuting license violations. At the RIAG, I was an intern in the District Court Unit and actively prosecuted crimes in Providence District Court and the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal. Also during the summer of 2004, I was given the opportunity to volunteer at the Democratic National Convention where I attended various events and the Convention itself.

In my third year, I became President of the Public Interest Law Association (PILA) and continued my duties as a 3L SBA Representative. I also was a SJC Rule 3:03 intern with the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office in the Roxbury District Court through New England's Criminal Procedure II Clinic where I was able to prosecute crimes in the various sessions of the District Court. Additionally, I was able to take classes like Criminal Procedure II, Legislation and Administrative Law that furthered my Public Interest Education. During the Fall semester, PILA hosted the Government Lawyer Panel which featured 10 different attorneys from the Boston Metro area. In the Spring Semester, I was a second chair for an oral argument in the Rhode Island Supreme Court due to the internship after my First year. Additionally, PILA hosted several different events including a Jail and Bail fundraiser for Tsunami Relief and the 12th Annual Auction.

My experience at New England School of Law has furthered my strong interest and desire to make a career of public service. The combination of available classes, faculty, clinics and extracurricular activities allows you to flourish in your legal education and build a strong base for your career.

(May 2005)