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Garlinck Dumont (Class of 2012)

Day Division
I cannot say that I always knew that I would have a desire to do public interest work. What I did know was that my background in working with underprivileged populations in the past (homeless shelters, children in state custody, and inmates at a halfway house) at the very least prepared me to explore the idea in law school.

When I first had the opportunity as a second year law student, I signed up for the Public Interest Law Seminar and Clinic. What attracted me to this clinic in particular was the fact that each week in the seminar portion of the course students were exposed to various areas of public interest law. One week we would discuss criminal defense and the next week we would cover housing discrimination. It was in this seminar that I became exposed to a subject area that I had never considered before: environmental law. To this day, I have made it a point to learn more and do more within this particular area of interest.

As part of the clinic and seminar and under the supervision of New England Law faculty, I served as a student attorney at the law school’s in-house clinic, practicing family law under SJC Rule 3:03, the student practice rule. It was an opportunity to get out of the classroom and into the workforce, an experience that has served me well.

As president of the Black Law Students Association, I ensure that community service and outreach to underprivileged populations are integral parts of our year-long calendar. Specifically, members of the Black Law Students Association have worked with community organizations including Rosie's Place, a shelter service for women, and Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE), an organization devoted to issues of environmental justice.

I am grateful for the opportunities at New England Law | Boston. Through the clinics, classrooms, and student groups I have been exposed to different areas of public interest law, and these experiences have been an important part of my legal education.

(May 2012)