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Student Profiles

New England Law | Boston students perform public service work through clinical courses, student groups, and employment, both paid and volunteer.

Students may obtain transcript recognition for approved public service legal work through the Public Service Transcript Notation Program.

Melinda Veloso (Class of 2013)

Day Division
Throughout law school I have actively pursued internships and clinics that have strengthened my interest in public interest law. In particular, I have participated in the Administrative Law and Family Law clinics at New England Law.

Through the school’s Administrative Law Clinic, I worked as an enforcement intern with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination. I developed interviewing skills conducting intake with potential complainants, respondents, and their respective attorneys. I also received constructive feedback from my supervisors regarding my analytical writing abilities as I drafted decisions regarding probable cause for state and federal civil rights laws.

Through the Family Law Clinic, I was a legal intern for the Housing and Family Law departments at Greater Boston Legal Services. I received Rule 3:03 Certification (the student practice rule) from the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts and assisted with trial preparation for family and housing law cases. I also conducted weekly legal intakes at Rosie’s Place, a women’s shelter in Boston, where I developed the “issue spotting” skills necessary to properly assist a vulnerable population.

Overall, public interest opportunities have provided me practical experience that highlight and reinforce the textual studies learned in the classroom. Moreover, I believe that these experiences have allowed me to gain an invaluable skill set that is transferable to positions both within the public and private areas of legal practice.

(April 2013)