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Student Profiles

New England Law | Boston students perform public service work through clinical courses, student groups, and employment, both paid and volunteer.

Students may obtain transcript recognition for approved public service legal work through the Public Service Transcript Notation Program.

Rina Gurung (Class of 2013)

Day Division
I have received numerous opportunities to gain legal experience through the clinical programs as well as the Center for Law and Social Responsibility (CLSR).

I gained my first legal experience in Kathmandu, Nepal, where I interned for The International Legal Foundation (ILF), a New York-based INGO that provide criminal defense to indigent people in post conflict countries. The CLSR provided me generous funding so that I could accept this wonderful offer and gain the international experience I wanted after my first year at law school.

In my 2L spring semester, I enrolled in the school’s Immigration Law Clinic. I was offered a placement at the Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) – Immigration Unit, where I handled primarily VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) and U visa (temporary legal status and work eligibility for victims of certain crimes) cases. I conducted in-person client interviews, corresponded with district attorney’s offices and local police departments, and had my own caseload.

As a result of my clinic placement in the GBLS Immigration Unit, I was offered a summer legal internship position in the GBLS – Housing Unit. I was also selected as one of the Equal Justice Summer Corps members for summer 2012. I again had my own caseload and was involved in providing indigent clients defense against eviction. This experience was very important because this is where I learned necessary skills.

As a student attorney, certified under SJC Rule 3:03 (the student practice rule), I filed answers to petitions; reviewed response to discovery and interrogatories; wrote, filed, argued, and represented clients in the housing court; negotiated with opposing parties’ attorneys; and worked on settlement agreements. This internship led me to discover that I am passionate about litigation and love being an attorney who is actively involved with litigation.

Since I had so much to learn I wanted to obtain maximum experience from this placement, and was able to continue my internship during my 3L fall semester as part of the Administrative Law Clinic. I continued to represent clients in housing court. However, to fulfill the Administrative Law requirement of the clinic I also represented clients in the Local Housing Authorities. In the same semester I also interned for Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), where I worked on naturalization and asylum cases.

I received Public Service Transcript Notation for my work here through New England Law’s program, which gives recognition to students for completing a minimum of 25 hours of public interest work without compensation or semester credit.

Currently as a graduating 3L, I am interning at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue – Litigation Department as part of the Government Lawyer Clinic. I primarily handle domicile and corporate tax cases and assist the Litigation Department with reviewing huge volumes of discovery responses and documents. I gained numerous opportunities to have hands on experience, explore different areas of law, and discover my passion and the field I want to work in through the clinical programs, CLSR, and public service notation program. These experiences made me a better law student and I am confident that these skills are necessary and transferable to every position I will hold after graduating from law school.

(April 2013)