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Sarah Nelson (Class of 2002)

Day Division

I entered New England School of Law knowing that I wanted to work with the homeless and focus on Civil Rights. From the very beginning, as a 1L, I became active, and stayed active throughout law school, with PILA [Public Interest Law Association] and Shelter Legal Services (a program where law students provide legal assistance to the homeless community). Along with these extracurricular activities I had ample opportunities to take classes, such as Civil Rights and Government Lawyer, where I was able to have a more in-depth look into my areas of interest.

Along with finding classes and activities that centered around public interest, I was able to find incredible work experience where I could focused on Civil Rights. My first summer legal position was with Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). This position was unpaid, but I received a PILA grant which helped me survive financially over the summer. During my second year I worked at the Attorney General's Civil Right's Division through the Government Lawyer Clinic. That summer, I worked as a Student Attorney (3:03 certified) at the school's Clinical Law Office where I practiced Family Law, representing indigent clients in Probate and Family Court. Through all of these experiences I learned how to apply the law, but more importantly, I was able to work in areas that interested me.

March 2002