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Student Profiles

New England Law | Boston students perform public service work through clinical courses, student groups, and employment, both paid and volunteer.

Students may obtain transcript recognition for approved public service legal work through the Public Service Transcript Notation Program.

Brooke Posatko (Class of 2008)

Day Division

I was a very timid law student.  Despite the good grades I earned during my first two years at NESL, I still dreaded being randomly called on in class, and I felt insecure about my future work with real clients.  As a self-help measure, I made a commitment at the end of my second year to take advantage of NESL’s clinical program.  During the fall semester of my final year, I registered for the Administrative Law Clinic.  I was able to choose my placement at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs.  I worked directly with the General Counsel and completed several research and writing projects concerning long-term care regulation, which helped me gain confidence in my analytical and memo-drafting skills. 

However, I still had not dealt with my anxiety about representing real clients with real problems.  So, for my final semester, I registered for the Lawyering Process Clinic.  I, again, chose my placement in the area of Elder Law, this time with the Elder Unit at Greater Boston Legal Services.  I helped indigent elders appeal the denial or termination of their MassHealth and Social Security benefits.  Daily, I was on the phone with clients, writing letters to clients, or meeting them in-person.  My fears about client contact soon subsided.  I even got the opportunity to argue a case before an Administrative Law Judge.    

I am very happy that I chose to do clinical work during my time at NESL.  Not only have I put those experiences on my resume, but I gained the confidence that I will need for my future career.  My only regret is not taking advantage of NESL’s clinical program sooner. 

(May 2008)