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Jessica Winfrey (Class of 2013)

Day Division
I began my clinical experience at New England Law as a legal intern at Greater Boston Legal Services, in its Housing Unit, a placement I secured through the school’s Public Interest Law Seminar and Clinic. At 22 years old I had no real professional experience and I was quickly thrown into a world where I was largely responsible for the well-being of my clients and the outcomes of their situations.

Working primarily with domestic violence victims who were either homeless or at risk of being homeless, I was humbled by the stories I heard first-hand, and by the trust these women put in me as I worked to help them. From interviewing, to writing letters and motions on their behalf, to presenting their cases in court, I was able to step outside of my comfort zone to realize the great opportunity I had been given to help others.

My supervisor and my clinic professor guided me every step of the way. Through my clinic I was able to obtain a prominent summer internship, as well as lasting personal connections and professional references.

In the second semester of my senior year I enrolled in a second clinic, to try to vary my experience before I graduated. Through the school’s Mediation and Dispute Resolution Clinic, I am working at the Trial Court’s Standing Committee on Dispute Resolution. This has provided me with a unique opportunity to work inside the court system and focus on alternative dispute resolution mechanisms within the courts.

I would absolutely recommend taking a clinical course to any law student who wishes to gain practical experience in their field of interest.

(April 2013)