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Kate Haber (Class of 2013)

Day Division
Participation in the Family Law Clinic at New England Law | Boston was one of my most rewarding experiences during law school. It was during this time that I became aware of the dire need for public interest work and the significant assistance it provides to those individuals who might otherwise lack access to legal professionals.

During the fall of my 3L year I was given the opportunity to intern at the Women’s Bar Foundation (WBF) as my placement in the Family Law Clinic. I became certified under Rule 3:03 of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, the student practice rule, which allowed me to practice in court under my clinic supervisor. At the WBF I interacted with victims and survivors of domestic violence, researched case law as appropriate, facilitated interaction between clients and pro bono attorneys, and personally represented a client in securing a restraining order.

My work at the WBF opened my eyes to the need for more public interest work and the overwhelming societal need for pro bono representation. I enjoyed my time at the WBF so much that I decided to remain there during the spring of my 3L year, volunteering one day each week. Through my volunteer work, I earned the school’s Public Service Transcript Notation.

My interest in family law began at an early age. I was influenced by my father, who is a practicing family law attorney. My time at the WBF gave me the opportunity to explore and expand that interest. At the WBF I participated in continuing the development of the Family Law Project, which connects pro bono attorneys with victims and survivors of domestic assault. I am proud to have participated in the Family Law Project for my last year at New England Law | Boston.

I recommend that any law student interested in getting practical experience in public interest law consider signing up for a public interest clinic. Through the clinic, New England Law | Boston gave me hands on experience above and beyond anything I imagined when entering the law program in 2010. I walk away from New England Law | Boston a more fulfilled and skilled future attorney.

(April 2013)