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Amanda Bailey (Class of 2014)

Day Division
At the beginning of my second year, the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) program offered by New England Law | Boston’s Center for Law and Social Responsibility (CLSR) provided me with my first practical experience in law. The CORI program was unlike any other internship that I would have later in my law school career in that the students ran the program and completed a majority of the work.

“CORI” is the term for a person’s criminal record in Massachusetts. The program worked in conjunction with the CORI and Re-entry Project at Greater Boston Legal Services to assist indigent individuals in sealing their CORI. In just a short time I was calling clients, completing their paperwork, and writing affidavits. The skills I acquired greatly bolstered my resume and assisted me at my later internships.

The knowledge and experience I had gained transferred into other areas of law. I used the same consideration to detail, creativity in writing, and investigative and analytical skills that I learned in CORI in my later experiences with the Government Lawyer Clinic and the Business Practice Credit externship.

At the Government Lawyer Clinic, I worked with the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR), where I assisted consumers on issues relating to lemon law, home improvement contracting, health insurance, and consumer-related fraud. At OCABR I learned that the scope of a lawyer goes beyond research and writing memoranda; lawyers draft legislative proposals, advertising materials, and state contingency plans, and they educate the public.

Through the Business Practice Credit externship I worked at the Massachusetts Securities Division (MSD). I scrutinized Massachusetts General Laws, the Investment Advisers Act, and SEC regulations in the course of investment firm examinations. I prepared motions and orders and examined firm records, including Form ADVs, private placement memoranda, partnership agreements, and trade sheets, among others.

The opportunities in the CORI project, Government Lawyer Clinic, and Business Practice Credit externship afforded me with practical experience that employers expect to see on a resume. I am grateful for my CLSR and clinical experiences and highly recommend these programs to students.

(April 2014)