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Christopher Ligatti (Class of 2007)

Day Division

I came to New England School of Law because of its focus on public interest law and the opportunity to gain clinical work experience. New England is a school that stresses the importance of lawyering skills and the difference lawyers can make in society. By coming to New England, I hoped to fulfill a dream of serving the public by becoming a public interest or government lawyer.

During my first-year, I volunteered with the Lawyer's Clearinghouse for Affordable Housing and Homelessness, an organization within the Boston Bar Association which sets up indigent individuals with private attorneys. Seeing the struggle of these individuals for government benefits and/or housing only reinforced my desire to serve the public.

During my second year, through the school's clinical program, I earned credit for working for the Pro Se Staff Attorney at the Federal District Court in Boston. In this capacity, I was able to help indigent individuals seeking to file lawsuits perfect and narrow their complaints. This clinical experience was invaluable as I was exposed to the plight of individuals without counsel seeking justice in our legal system.

Through New England's honors internship program, I was set up with an internship at the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. Working for a Justice of the state's highest court was an incredible experience. Other positions at the Massachusetts Department of Corrections and the Boston Police Department showed me just how much impact the law has on society and furthered my ambition in a career serving the public.

I recently accepted a post-graduate position with the Department of Housing and Urban Development where I will be able to work further on issues such as environmental law and housing discrimination. New England’s focus on the public good through the Center for Law and Social Responsibility was a great help in investigating job options and in providing clinical experience in this field of the law.