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Graduation Announcement Forms

It’s easy to get your bio and photo in the Class of 2014 Commencement Magazine and to send graduation announcements to your hometown news outlet and alumni magazines (at educational institutions you attended previously).

What is the Commencement Magazine?The 2012 commencement magazine cover

A special Commencement Magazine will be sent to members of the 2014 graduating class. The issue includes portraits of each graduating student in business attire (taken by LifeTouch) and a brief personal biography, along with photos of students at Commencement and the Senior Class Reception. 

Do I also have to fill out the graduation announcements publicity form?

You only need to fill out this form if you want us to send graduation announcements to hometown news outlet(s) and alumni magazine(s). Please read the directions carefully to avoid processing problems.

Can I fill out the two forms at different times?

Yes, but please submit each form only once.

Please follow these directions carefully when filling out both forms.

The following instructions are specific to the Graduation Announcement form for news outlets.