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Legal Areas of Interest

The following non-exhaustive list of courses is conveniently grouped by interest areas. If you wish to concentrate in a specific practice area and learn more about particular legal specialities, you can use this list as a guide for selecting coursework. You may find course descriptions on our Course Descriptions page. 

Administrative/Regulatory Law

The law school’s Administrative Law Clinic is among our components focused on this area of law. [Back to top.]

Business/Corporate Law

Visit our Business Law Pathway to learn about pursuing careers such as in-house or as outside counsel; policy-related work, including legislation; and government agency work that oversees or regulates aspects of business law.  [Back to top.]

Criminal Law

Our Criminal Law program fuses theory, doctrine, and practical skills training to prepare students for careers as state or federal prosecutors, public defenders, private defense attorneys, business counselors, and judges, among others. Visit our Criminal Law Pathway to learn more.  [Back to top.]

Environmental/Land Use Law/Real Estate Law

Environmental Law includes pollution control and cleanup, land use and urban planning, public health, conservation, and more. Environmental lawyers operate on all levels of government from local to international. Visit our Environmental Law Pathway to learn more. Real Estate Law includes transactions, agency practice, and litigation. Law Use Law skills are useful for careers in government and in the representation of developers, landowners, and abutters. Visit our Real Estate Pathway to learn more.  [Back to top.]

Family/Juvenile Law

The most common Family Law work is divorce work; others represent children in custody matters or specialize in structuring family affairs for nontraditional families, in adoption or reproductive law, or in paternity and child support issues.  Visit our Family Law Pathway to learn more.  [Back to top.]

Health Law

The law school’s Health Law Clinic is among our components focused on Health Law.  [Back to top.]

Intellectual Property/High Technology Law

IP law consists of four primary areas of expertise: patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Sports, Computer, and Entertainment law also are closely intertwined. Visit our Intellectual Property Law Pathway to learn more.  [Back to top.]

International Law

International lawyers engage in a wide array of activities, from advocacy, litigation, and transactional work, to diplomacy, treaty-drafting, and policy-making. Typical employers include governments, law firms, intergovernmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations. Visit our Public International Law Pathway to learn more.  [Back to top.]

Labor/Employment Law

Our Employment Law and Labor Law courses deal with the employer/employee relationship when the employee is not represented by a labor union, and with regulation by the National Labor Relations Board and the federal courts, respectively. Visit our Business Law and Education Law pathways for related information.  [Back to top.]


Civil litigation involves representing parties in disputes in state and federal court, in administrative tribunals and, increasingly, in arbitration and mediation. The field of “civil litigation” includes many different areas of the law and many different practice contexts; visit our Civil Litigation Pathway to learn more.  [Back to top.]

Public Interest Law

Public Interest Law includes many different areas of practice. Examples include Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, and Public International Law. Common Public Interest lawyering skills include litigation, negotiation, and client counseling, but particular fields may involve other skills as well.  [Back to top.]

Tax Law

Tax law practice can encompass both tax planning and tax litigation. The tax lawyer’s clients can include individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, and other entities and businesses of all sizes. Visit our Tax Law Pathway to learn more.  [Back to top.]

Lawyering Skills Courses (skills courses relate to all interest areas)

National Lawyering Skills Competitions

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We encourage you to learn more about our Curriculum and law school specialities.