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The New England Law | Boston
Summer Fellowship Program

The New England Law | Boston Summer Fellowship Program aids New England Law students in their efforts to gain valuable practice experience during the summer after their first year of law school and, for students in the part-time program, their second year.

To assist these students:

  • the three New England Law centers work with faculty, alumni, and other friends of the law school to identify a range of practicing attorneys eager to serve as summer fellow supervisors;
  • the Career Services Office guides student participants through the application process and helps potential supervisors and student applicants to connect with one another;
  • the New England Law Board of Trustees has pledged that each fellow will receive a stipend of $3,500 to assist with summer living expenses.
Summer Fellowship Program Positions
Overview of Cost and Post-summer Commitment
How to Apply
Identifying and Securing Summer Fellowship Placements
Contacting Prospective Supervisors
2015 Placements

Summer Fellowship Program Positions

Participating students work with practicing attorneys and organizations in full-time summer legal positions. Eligibility is limited to New England Law day division students completing their first year of law school and part-time students completing their first or second year of law school.

Fellowship positions may be those listed through the Career Services Office or secured by students independently.

Positions eligible for fellowships must:

  • be unpaid by the attorneys or organizations where the student works;
  • involve ten consecutive weeks of legal or law-related work under the supervision of a practicing attorney at a minimum of thirty-five hours per week; and
  • end before the start of the upper-division fall semester.

Part-time fellowships may be available upon request, or as indicated in an employer’s posting, and there are no geographical restrictions on the fellowship placements. All fellowship placements, however, must be approved by the law school. [Back to Top.]

Overview of Program and Post-summer Commitment

Eligible students may apply for positions listed on the Career Services Office’s Symplicity website starting January 16, 2015. Every position has its own application deadline, which will be clearly indicated in the position listing. In addition to seeking a position through these postings, students are strongly encouraged to exercise independent efforts to secure positions that meet the program criteria. Nearly half of all past placements were attained by students themselves.

During the summer, fellows submit weekly journals logging their hours and describing the legal work. Participating professors review the journals to verify students and supervisors are meeting all program criteria. The law school issues stipend payments to fellows in three installments (roughly mid-June, mid-July and shortly after the start of the fall semester) of approximately $750, $1250, and $1500 respectively.

As upper-class students, returning summer fellows must be available to mentor students in the new first year class who are interested in center-related activities and the Summer Fellowship Program. This aspect of the program requires all fellows to return to New England Law | Boston for the full academic year following their summer fellowship experience. All summer fellows sign a contact confirming these commitments. [Back to Top.]

How to Apply

Eligible students should apply as early as possible. Before applying, students are strongly encouraged to have their resume and cover letter reviewed by the Career Services Office. To apply for the Summer Fellowship Program, log on to the Career Services Office’s Symplicity website, starting on January 16, and follow the steps below:

Log on to Symplicity ( with your “User Name” (student ID #) and “Password.” Contact the Career Services Office at or 617-422-7229 for password information.

Step 1 – Upload Your Documents

  1. Click the “Documents” tab on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the “Add New” button on the bottom left to upload a new document. The system will convert the document to a PDF.
  3. Enter a document title in the label field after clicking the “Add New” button.
  4. Select a document type.
  5. Click the “browse” button and select a file to upload. Click “submit.” Once the document is uploaded you will be able to view both the PDF and original format version on the list of documents screen. Check your PDF to make sure it converted correctly.

Step 2 - Apply for the New England Law Summer Fellowship Program

  1. Click the “OCI” tab on the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the “Employers Bidding” tab.
  3. Use the “Session” drop-down menu and select “Summer Fellowship Program.”
  4. Click the “Review” button to the left of each employer to view specific details about their hiring criteria, requested materials, and other pertinent information. Where a particular position requires student applicants to consult with a faculty member prior to submitting an application, students interested in that position should e-mail the faculty member to initiate contact.
  5. Select your application documents from the drop-down menus on the right-hand side of the page.
  6. Click “Apply.”

Students should contact the Career Services Office at or 617-422-7229 with questions about the application process. [Back to Top.]

Identifying and Securing Summer Fellowship Placements

We have secured a number of potential positions for students, all of which may be found by navigating through the Career Services Office Symplicity website. Students may apply for more than one position, but must immediately remove themselves from contention once they have secured a placement.

Students wishing to have a placement that they secure independently approved for this program should contact the appropriate faculty member via e-mail – Professor Karol for a private sector position, Professors Manus and Siegel for a public sector or non-profit position, and Professor Laplante for an international position – seeking such approval.

  • In the subject line of this e-mail, students should include a reference to the Summer Fellowship Program and that they are seeking approval for an internship they hope to secure or have secured through independent efforts.
  • In the body of the e-mail, students should describe the position, including start and end dates, hours per week, nature of the work, the fact that the position is unpaid, and the name and position of the potential supervisor.
  • Professors may solicit additional information, and will initially determine eligibility of the position for the Summer Fellowship Program before seeking final approval from the law school. [Back to Top.]

Contacting Prospective Supervisors

Students should follow the instructions prospective supervisors include in their online listings. On or shortly after the indicated deadline, applications will be transmitted electronically to participating supervisors. In most cases, candidates are then selected, interviewed, and hired directly by the supervisor him or herself. If the listing instructs students to contact a particular New England Law professor before submitting an application, students should do so. Students are encouraged to consult with the Career Services Office and appropriate professors throughout the process. [Back to Top.]


When a student receives an offer from a potential Summer Fellowship Program supervisor, the student should proceed expeditiously. If the student has multiple outstanding prospects, the student should promptly communicate this situation to the offering supervisor and set a date by which the student must accept or reject the outstanding offer. If the student decides to decline an offer, the student must communicate this graciously and as soon as possible. The conduct of each New England Law student in the Summer Fellowship Program reflects on all other New England Law students in the program and on post-graduate employment prospects.

If a student receives an offer through the Summer Fellowship Program listings and decides to accept that offer, the student should:

  1. Accept the offer in whatever manner the supervisor has indicated.
  2. Send an e-mail to the Career Services Office informing that office that the student has accepted the position.
  3. Once the Career Services Office verifies that it has received such an e-mail, the student will be e-mailed a Summer Fellowship contract to complete, sign, and return to the Faculty Services Office.
  4. When the student receives an e-mail stating that the contract has been received and the student is in the Summer Fellowship Program, the student must withdraw his or her application from all other supervisors with whom the student has had contact, thanking these supervisors for considering the student and explaining that the student has accepted a position.
  5. The student should withdraw his or her application from the online system.
  6. The student should look forward to the Summer Fellowship Orientation Program.

If a student secures an unpaid internship for the summer through the student's independent efforts that the student would like to have included in the Summer Fellowship Program, the student should submit an e-mail to the appropriate faculty member as detailed above. If the position is approved for inclusion in the program, the professor will notify both the student and the Career Services Office, and the student should complete steps 2-6 above. [Back to Top.]