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 Peter J. Karol

Peter J. Karol

Associate Professor of Law


B.A. Amherst College
J.D. Harvard Law School

Professor Karol joined the full-time New England Law | Boston faculty in 2012 after spending three years as a member of the adjunct faculty; he teaches Copyright, Property, and Trademarks and Unfair Competition.  As partner in the IP litigation, trademark, and copyright practice groups of Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP, Boston, he represented companies in complex litigation and appellate matters, including intellectual property litigation and appeals, and trademark disputes.  He also managed global trademark portfolios, with a focus on higher education, wine and distilled spirits, sports equipment, clean energy, and finance.

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Selected Publications

Affixing the Service Mark: Reconsidering the Rise of an Oxymoron, 31 Cardozo Arts & Ent. L.J. 357 (2013) Judged one of the best law review articles of the year related to IP Law and selected for inclusion in the 2014 edition of the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW REVIEW, an anthology published annually by Thomson Reuters (West).
Social Science Research Network

Fair Use in the Digital Age: New Guidance for Electronic Course Materials at Universities, in Intell. Prop. Update (2012)

Navigating the Shoals of Copyright Termination, in Intell. Prop. Update (2012)

Trademark Terminations: A Lesson from the Music Industry?, 82 Pat. Trademark & Copyright J. 666 (2011)

Who's at the Helm? The Federal Circuit's Rule of Deference and the Systemic Absence of Controlling Precedent in Matters of Patent Litigation Procedure, in AIPLA Q.J. (2009)

Salinger "Sequel" Catches One in the Eye, in Intell. Prop. Update (2009)

Are the Glory Days Gone for Good? Trademark Board Checks Expansion of the Increasingly Popular Fraud Defense, in Intell. Prop. Update (2009)

If Renoir Died in 1919, Why Does U.S. Copyright Still Protect His Work?, in Intell. Prop. Update (2009)

Google Settles a Lawsuit, and an Industry, in Intell. Prop. Update (2008)

The Presumption of Validity: A New Crack in the Armor? Patent, 76 Pat. Trademark & Copyright J. 1869 (2008)