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Q & A: Student Bar Association President Samuel Altiero ’14

How have you been involved in leadership roles previously?

My interest in leadership roles started in high school, where I served in student government and played four years of varsity hockey and lacrosse. I really enjoy giving back and am proud of having served as a head coordinator for the school's Special Olympics program.
Samuel Altiero '14 Samuel Altiero '14
During my years at Marist College, I played Division 1 lacrosse as a goalie and was a team captain. I also co-founded an extensive community service program. I had the opportunity to get international experience as a legal intern for a firm in Prague, Czech Republic, and also worked with the Czech National Lacrosse Team.

What else prepared you for this new role?

I became an SBA representative as a New England Law 1L, and then was elected vice president. I learned a lot about the dynamics of the school through weekly meetings with the administration and deans and have become more aware of current issues, ideas, and opportunities. I also had two judicial internships during the summer of 2012 and served as a summer associate this past summer with McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter LLP, which was a very valuable experience.

What distinguishes New England Law | Boston from its peers?

Our sense of community. Professors go out of their way for students, are always willing to help and want you to succeed. That sense of pride – that we’re in this together – it’s a unique experience. We’re a team, from 1Ls all the way to the alumni.

What special qualities do you bring to this position?

I was a finance major in college, and after law school I’d like to work in commercial litigation or the financial industry. I’ve always had a very business-oriented mindset and been able to multitask, which is part of the reason that I love being in the SBA. While not a business per se, it’s a complex network with 31 active student groups and 11 executive boards and committees, all adding value for our students. 

The SBA’s “product” is New England Law | Boston, and that’s the most humbling part of this experience. We have an important role to play in providing the resources and structure to best serve the school.

What’s your vision for the SBA?

I had the privilege of representing New England Law at this summer’s ABA conference in San Francisco. The ABA offers six categories of awards for student bar associations and we were nominated for two of them. We do so many great things already on campus and it’s an honor to be part of an organization that provides great ideas to other law schools. I’m very committed to advancing the SBA so we win one or more awards at next year’s conference, which is taking place in our great city of Boston.

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