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Kelsey Baran ’14 appointed to Federal Bar Association chapter committee

Organization devoted to strengthening federal legal system

(Boston, Revised-11/5/13) New England Law | Boston:  Kelsey Baran ’14 has been appointed law school committee chair of the Federal Bar Association’s (FBA) Massachusetts chapter, and she is also an ex officio member of the board of directors. She will work with the FBA to introduce this nationally recognized bar association and its mission to law students throughout the Commonwealth.
Kelsey Baran '14 Kelsey Baran '14
The FBA is comprised of federal practitioners, both public and private, and members of the federal judiciary who strive to strengthen the federal legal system and those it serves. The FBA consists of more than 16,000 federal lawyers, including 1,200 federal judges.
Within the last two years, the state chapter has successfully established student chapters at New England Law | Boston and two other Massachusetts law schools. Baran will reach out to initiate and mentor additional student chapters, while working with existing chapters to promote and encourage membership.
“The FBA provides a unique opportunity for members to focus specifically on the areas of law within federal practice, and truly get to know practitioners in those specific areas,” said Baran. “Student FBA members not only have the chance to meet and interact with attorneys and judges who practice in the areas of law that they are interested in, but to also introduce themselves to federal practice in an intimate and deliberate fashion.  Joining the FBA as a student member is an excellent stepping stone into the federal legal system.”
Baran currently serves as editor-in-chief of the New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement. She co-founded and has served as vice-president of the law school’s FBA student chapter since its inception.
Her extracurricular experiences also include work as a Supreme Judicial Court student practice Rule 3.03 attorney with the Northwestern District Attorney's Office, Northampton, MA; as a law clerk for DiNicola, Seligson & Upton LLC and for Shilepsky Hartley Robb Casey Michon LLP (both firms are in Boston), and for Morrison Mahoney LLP (Springfield, MA); and as a research assistant for Professor Louis Schulze.

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