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Q&A: SBA President Genevieve “Evie” Burguieres ’13

New directions, events planned for 2012-2013

How is the SBA of service to students?

Some enjoy the programs and networking while others enjoy the T discounts or holiday giving drives. We have over 25 student groups that cover a wide range of interests and put on events open to all.
Evie Burguieres '13 Evie Burguieres '13
This year, the SBA plans to provide an additional service by implementing a student disaster relief fund initiative to assist those suffering from a tragic event or occurrence or enduring tough times financially.
We are a voice and an ear for students. The SBA provides ideas and advice, and serves as a friend and classmate in the form of its representatives.

What new directions do you see the SBA going in this year?

A million different directions—it seems like every group, committee, and initiative is just taking off!  To keep people informed, we are implementing an additional announcement service, “inSTALLments,” which will be updated weekly and located in all New England Law bathrooms.
We already host weekly softball, football, and flag football and are organizing a team to attend the spring National Law School Softball Tournament. We are also organizing several athletic events between students and faculty and with other law schools in the area, not to mention fall and spring “paloozas” with activities on the Common.

What is your background and what would you like to do with your law degree?

The most important thing to me is my family—I have four sisters.  I grew up in Maryland, but my heart lies in New Orleans with my extended family.  I got my bachelor’s degree from James Madison University in 2009 and quickly jetted down to “NOLA” for my master’s degree in historic preservation from Tulane.
Travel is very important to me. While at JMU I spent a semester studying in Prague and traveled to 11 other countries. I also traveled after my 1L year to Oxford, England, taking European Union Law and Comparative ADR.
Currently, I work at Brickley, Sears & Sorret, P.A., a family law firm where I mainly work on divorce and custody cases, which I really enjoy. Ideally, I hope to further the preservation of internationally significant cities.

How do you find the time and energy to run the SBA on top of all of your law school assignments?

I couldn't do it without my dedicated Executive Board, the General Assembly, and the Student Exec Offices and Committees. The SBA is a big organization, and it takes a lot of people to run it smoothly.
I can come home from a long day of work or class to do SBA things and be perfectly happy. Many SBA members also enjoy the work, especially helping students and making connections.

What do you tell your friends about New England Law?

It’s a great community filled with well-rounded and motivated people. Also that it's really hard, and they should think twice about going to law school, but it can be a great decision.

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