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Massachusetts Guide to Evidence benefits from law school contributions

(Boston, 2/20/21) New England Law | Boston: As in years past, members of the New England Law | Boston community were instrumental in preparing the latest edition of the Massachusetts Guide to Evidence.  The recently released sixth edition assembles existing Massachusetts evidence law in an easy-to-use document organized similarly to the Federal Rules of Evidence, and it includes extensive explanatory notes and citations to pertinent authorities.

Joseph Stanton Joseph Stanton '94
The Executive Committee of the Advisory Committee on Massachusetts Evidence Law, which revised the guide, includes Hon. David Lowy of the Massachusetts Superior Court, an adjunct professor of law who served as co-editor; Professor Philip Hamilton; and Massachusetts Appeals Court Clerk Joseph Stanton ’94, an adjunct professor who served as reporter.  (As a law student, Stanton was editor-in-chief of the New England Law Review.) 
“Our school continues to contribute to this important resource,” notes Professor Stanton. Megan Bramhall ’15 and Andrew Silverman ’15, who were Professor Stanton’s Legal Research and Writing students in 2012-2013, served the committee as student interns.
“I commend the members of the executive committee for their continued commitment to excellence by updating and expanding the Massachusetts Guide to Evidence to reflect new legal developments,” said Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland.  “The guide is an outstanding and practical research tool."
The 2014 edition is available without charge on the websites of the Supreme Judicial Court, Appeals Court, and Trial Court at

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